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The painter who became a fashion designer in 2003 is now a diamond dealer in 2023.

In 2016 after being elected best designer in a category in which we did not expect him, the creation of a helmet for the falcons for the 3rd international festival in Abu-Dhabi where he exhibited his paintings and the collection for the falcons.

Its collections were sold in more than 150 points of sale from 2003 to 2017 in France, Japan, Italy, Spain. After dressing the Black Eyed Peas and many stars in France, Cauet , Anthony Kavanagh , the Magic System, Dove Attia .

On his return to France after the Abu Dhabi exhibition, a new passion was born for precious stones and diamonds.


Jaouad EL Mokrifi decides to stop everything to become a diamond dealer, after a stint of 2 years in Geneva where he collaborates with Maxence van der Bauwede the famous watchmaker for the negotiation and sales of diamonds.

At the end of 2019, the artist moved to Antwerp, the international diamond capital, to become a full-fledged diamond dealer.

Originally from Nîmes, fashion designer Jaouad El Mokrifi , originally a painter, had trained as a fashion designer at ESMOD international lyon after an artistic arts preparation in Montpellier. Endowed with a strong talent and charisma, he stood out during his two years of study at ESmod and succeeded in developing a clientele in France and abroad.


The creator influenced by the art of the 20th century and the ” Ready Made” of Marcel Duchamp after having started in the new couture the designer Jaouad El Mokrifi settles in paris capital of fashion to create his brand JEM. 2005 the city of Lyon invited him to the village of creators to develop his brand and after 6 years he moved to Cannes, the city of cinema, opening a new store in the district of great designers such as Sonia Rykiel or Giorgio Armani who visited him personally.

Today Jaouad El Mokrifi finally sees the goal of his career as an artist with more than 20 years of career reaches his goal and now offers the JEM Diamonds collections which mix high jewelry and new couture. Clothing and accessories with real diamonds and precious stones.


Today for his return to the artistic scene the artist has returned to his first passion with which it all began with painting by creating a unique concept of NFT and painting called Mister 642. Which means that with the alignment of the 6 4 and 2 we obtain the shape of a face and to crown it all Jaouad El Mokrifi comes from finish its collection of painting tables in real natural diamonds, a collection of 20 tables with more than 8,300 carats of natural diamonds certified by a diamond expert from the Antwerp stock exchange recognized by ABEX Belgian Association of Experts.

After having studied the history of Art for more than 8 years, this artist now offers the first tables of paintings in real natural diamonds to touch in her own way a timeless side that mixes diamonds creation natural creation for billions of years and a unique style of fashion and jewelry art.

Jaouad El Mokrifi vacillates between painting, fashion creation and high jewelry, he has succeeded in shaping a fashion and an original style unique in the world that no artist had created before.

JEM Diamonds has brought touches of originality that make chic jeans, shock dresses, designer accessories. His style and his signature can only be heard.