Mister 642 pink man 052/642

Mr 642 is a collection of works of art composed of 642 non-fungible works and 246 fungible works created by the artist JEM alias JAOUAD EL MOKRIFI the character imagined since the artist’s childhood is a simple character who rocked the childhood of the artist who kept it a secret, the drawing of the face of the staff is the number 6-4-2 which gives the face. The character has the mirror effect refers to the 246 years of independence of the United States of America, the artist of Moroccan origins remained sensitive to the history and the diplomatic history of his country of origin. 1776 the first country to have signed for the independence of the United States of America is Morocco, July 4, 2022 will be the anniversary date of the 246 years is therefore the moment of launching the work, is also based on real works is an American $1 coin from 1776, the character both simple and complex marks the beginnings of the artist’s NFT works.